Most Useful Advice You’ve Learned

I’ve asked several questions on this subreddit and watched a lot of videos about how to get better. Here are some of the most useful things I’ve learned so far:

Adjust your settings. If you don’t have view range indicators on the minimap, you are at a major disadvantage. Also, I’d highly suggest increasing the size of your minimap which leads to my next point…

Check your minimap often! At the most basic, it tells you where the enemies are. If you check it often enough, you can begin to predict enemy movements and counter them. I got 2 Ace Tankers in the Pantera by noticing injured enemies pushing towards my weakened allies and I was able to catch them being overly aggressive

Maintain your Hit Points. If you can learn to block in your Heavy Tanks, awesome. I’m specifically referring to Light Tanks, Autoloaders, and Autoreloaders. Nothing is more satisfying then unloading a magazine into the back of a weakened Heavy or knocking out multiple tanks.

I know there are many other, but these have been the most useful to me as I continue to improve. Please share your best tips and tricks down below!

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