My biggest game design peeve – light tank role design is fundamentally flawed.

Forgive me if this is already well known.

This is a tank class which is based around providing spotting for your team, per WG. You only get your reward if your @$%#[email protected] triangle players, and the rest of your team, are paying attention, can aim, and hit.

Most susceptible to “bad” maps – the class in the game most affected by “bad” maps are light tanks.

TD players, objectively less useful than artillery players (fite me you’ll never change my mind) are responsible for a lot of your assistance on open maps. Next time you play a light tank, and are spotting crossing forces where they ALWAYS CROSS EVERY GAME, look at your TD’s. Your Grille has its gun pointed to the sky, or the wrong direction. You have a sniping 268v4. They are the worst and they’re supposed to be your tandem team mate?!?!?! This is worsened when you are spotting 5 hull down Minotauros, or a single Tortoise that your TD players can’t pen because they can’t aim.

Mediums just do everything better because lol view range power creep. and having some armour.

To combat this, you need to either just play mediums, or go into your games as a light tank with a focus on shooting as much as possible.

Thank you for listening to my rant.

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