My grinds die at T8- kills my will to play

So I’m at 11k games, not a newbie. Stats 53/2100 recent. Love many parts of this game, not FTP but not a whale either.

I love the tanks, especially the somewhat historical ones. Grinding up lines, timing crew training events, retraining specials, planning tanks I want to grind is heaps of fun. Love the diversity of play styles and all of the classes, and I’ve unlocked most lines to t6-8 except TDs and Arty.

As soon as I get a stock tank to t8 it kills my will to live. Match a stock t8 against the meta premiums these days and it’s horrible.

What would you do to make this less painful? Freexp modules is all well and good, but it takes ages to earn and I won’t pay $10-30 real dollars to, say, get a VK1001p upgraded. Just not good value as that’s half the cost of a full new game!

I’d be happy if the module xp costs halved and the tank research doubled.

I wrote this post so that maybe someone has some good ideas they can comment and someone at WG or a CC can get this ball rolling toward a fairer game that attracts more/ retains players. What are your ideas? Anything novel and not just remove arty lol.

I like this game a lot however I probably wouldn’t recommend it to a friend. Which is something that, if things were more balanced, I probably would. I believe would help attract more people to the game. Ideas and comments much appreciated!

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