My message to Wargaming

This is not a news piece, but more of a personal rant. I encourage everyone to share this article anywhere you think a WG employee could see it – and to comment below your opinion on the main WoT issues. Voice your concern. Why did you stop playing? What would make WoT viable again?

Wargaming, use the new EU Supertest as an opportunity to finally improve and fix the game, getting it out of the hole formed in the last 7 years of poor decisions!

I have been a WoT player since 2011 and I have seen the hopes and dreams of the early years shattered by poor gameplay decisions. The absence of new tank lines (and too many OP premium ones, which theoretically should be weaker than their normal counterparts), gold ammo remaining OP (make it maximum 15% better), the lack of new maps (make no map appear twice in a row and we need open maps, not corridor ones). The game is still too pay to win! And some tanks are too exclusive. The clan wars meta is mainly 5-6 tanks, unlike before. Please buff underpowered tanks like T110E5, Type 5 Heavy and many others. And nerf the wheeled tanks already! Bring back weakspots, especially for higher tiers. Make Team Battles a thing again (7v7). And make special equipment available not only for bonds, but also for credits. Maybe some missions to earn gold? Return to the origins and make the game better, rewarding and enjoyable for anyone playing it – no matter his winrate. Make some interesting game modes, the game became stale and boring in the last years. End the 3 minute roflstomp matches too and revert the tech tree compression!

Where are the historians making sure the vehicles are historical? What are their credentials and what are they working on? Who makes the current  historical monstrosities? Wargaming seems to be very compartmentalised, nobody knows who is doing what in the same project.

Dear WG, bring some hope in the game. The change of focus to EU is the perfect opportunity to do so. You can also start working on the Swiss tree.

And about WoT Console – it currently looks like AW or some MOBA games – it lacks any real imagination or ideas for the future.

Think of the players too! Make it win-win, if you want the game to survive, and that means your wallets too will survive.


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