My opinion on the Japanese TDS after grinding the line.

Will start off by saying all these tanks are really bad when stock (shocker). But some good news is you do not need to get the tracks before getting the gun and engine, I was able to get the top gun and engine before getting the tracks on every tank up the line. Now onto my opinion on the tanks. The tier 5 is just trash. nothing to say about it, just bad.

The tier 6 has a amazing gun and pretty good DPM, no armor, and for some reason it is slow as absolute hell, the game says it has a top speed of 40, but it struggles to get past 25 (without turbo) on flat ground cus the power to weight is just awful. I cant stress enough how annoyingly slow it is. But like I said the gun is good.

The tier 7 once again has a pretty decent/good gun, with really good DPM. Its speed is so much better than the tier 6s, it can actually reach its top speed rather quickly. The armor pretty meh, it wont get penned by HE and can bounce if your hiding your lower plate. pretty fun TD though. Better than the tier 5 and 6 by a long shot.

The tier 8 once again has a pretty good gun, with surprisingly good HE, good DPM, and very nice pen with pretty decent accuracy. It losses some of the mobility of the tier 7, it accelerates quickly though, but has a lowish top speed. But is still better than the tier 6. The armor is trolly and can be good when facing other tier 8s, and some tier 9s. 10s will have no problems penning it though. this td is good IMO.

The tier 9s gun is lovely, 650 alpha with 290 standard pen is so nice, 12 second reload feels really good for its alpha, its pretty accurate for a high alpha gun, though the aim time is kind of bad. The tank turns pretty quick, and is decently fast when you slap a turbo on it. The armor is pretty strong again when you can hide the lower plate. the higher alpha and amazing HE shells make this tank pretty strong.

Finally, the tier 10. the gun is even better than the tier 9s. 700 alpha with a 12 second reload and 305 standard pen is just amazing. On top of that it is pretty accurate for a high alpha gun, and the aim time is manageable. Again amazing HE shells. speed wise with a turbo its pretty okay, I manage to get up to the top speed of 40, but the reverse speed is real nice, and it turns pretty quick. The armor is really nice, if your hiding your lower plate and not getting shot at by other high pen gold shells. Oddly enough it can be rather sneaky if you have a high perk crew and put camo perks on like I do.

All in all after the tier 5 I enjoyed the line, the tier 7 8 and 9 were pretty fun, and the tier 10 is as well. Now of course im probably enjoying them more cus they are new tanks, but I still think for the most part this is a pretty decent line, and nothing game breaking or OP. This will defiantly not be a tank I get the field mods on and never touch again.

Got any questions feel free to ask.

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