My recent experience with wot / WG customer service :(

I used to play WOT a long time ago… I recently returned to WOT at the encouragement of a friend. I had fun I bought few holiday boxes and it was nice experience after years πŸ˜‰

2 days ago when I was working I’ve got sms code from WG… It turned out that someone hacked into my account and tried to change the phone number to my account. I have no idea how it happened but it is possible that it has to do with me installing mods from a theoretically confirmed source….

I immediately changed my password but unfortunately it happened and an unwanted visitor made losses. He used all my gold and my account got banned until 14.01.23

Customer support don’t answer and I’m mad af πŸ™ I can’t play new event, I can’t play with my friend, and customer service is awful πŸ™ At this point I’m thinking about charging back money spend on this game at Christmas time… What do you thing about that guys?

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