My wargaming account is being held for ransom by wargaming.

This all started when about a month or so ago my friends account was banned after he got hacked, we already thought this was a little strange for wargaming to ban an account that has been playing for a long, long time. and had literally thousands of dollars worth of in game items. now, after trying to log into my account last night to play with another friend of mine I get the message “Your account has been suspended. Reason: Chargeback issue. Please contact billing support.” now I am getting absolutely railed in the ass because a good friend of mine was generous and gifted me tanks, boxes, and gold over the years we played together. this is an absolutely unacceptable exploitation tactic by wargaming. I am not going to pay the just under 100 dollars in gold they are asking me to buy and i am going to die fighting on this hill.

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