I have been playing WOT on the PC for 9 years. It is the only game I play, and it is my way to relax. I don’t play it for anything other than fun, in fact, up until a year ago, I didn’t have a single Tier X tank. I’d generally play weekends and holidays, and occasionally during the week as a way to chill out. I’m OK skill wise 52% win rate, but nothing to brag about.

Ok, here’s my fuck up, and up until 1 week ago, I’ve been fucking up for 9 years. I had NO idea that the reticle marker could indicate pen or no pen (green vs red). I guess I changed the reticle a long time ago which did not include the pen indicator, so I was oblivious to it. Somehow I found this out last week, reset my reticle marker, and, my pen rate and win rate have gone up, doh! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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