(NA) Aegis Militia – a new *social clan for players who want to improve.

(I hope this post is okay, and not a violation of rule 3 as it’s my first post.)


I have assembled a clan with the intent to help players. I want to be able to provide boosts (hence the social component) but underneath that, I want to promote platooning, and team coordination, I want to assemble a group of players that are able and willing to help others get better at the game.

I’m an okay player: https://tomato.gg/stats/NA/Busta_SMurk%3D1002538462

I don’t think I’m great. I certainly want to improve. I also want to help people who look up and want to attain what I have, as I look up and want to attain what Super Unicorns are capable of.


I want to be the start of a chain; a chain of people willing and able to help those, and be helped by others.

We have a Discord. We have boosts ready. We want to play. Consider Aegis Militia.

Edit: Contact Busta_SMurk in-game and we can get you on board!

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