(NA) Old Timer Looking to get back into the game after 4 or so years not playing (tips and/or people to tag along?)

Hi all,

Not really complicated: I’m looking to get back into playing the game. Although, on a much more casual basis than I previously did, and knowing the fact that most of my in-game knowledge and skills are probably outdated after 4 or so years without playing. (I might also be looking to play some World of Warships, but I barely touched that game.)

Should I be made aware of something, and are there any other casual players (or clans) around on the North American server, whom are going to endure my dumb-ass having to learn back the new mechanics and meta?

Account if it’s somehow needed for any kind of “checkup” (same as my username): https://worldoftanks.com/en/community/accounts/1000362934-blackzaru/?utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wot-portal


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