[NA] Reddit Community Night – 2021 Oct 30!

Saturday the 30th of October at 21:00 ET!

What is community night!

Community night is a semiregular event hosted by the subreddit and RDDT clans where we run all sorts of “silly” game modes for fun and prizes.

“Silly” events?

Yes! Things like:

PZ 1c Racing Demo Derby – Tier 3 and below tanks or room leader’s choice; demo derby style race Fish ‘n a Barrel – a bunch of little tanks getting pounded by ARTY blind fire. Last one alive wins Hide ‘n Seek – self explanatory Long jump – A competition to see who can make the best beach push on Overlord Battle Boats – ARTY in TD mode with no brakes (I wonder what the new ARTY changes will be like) Battle Bridge/Tog of War – teams tanks fight for supremacy on a bridge Bounties – rewards for people who kill a designated player in certain event And more!

These events are a ton of fun (especially racing and hide n seek imo), and the more the merrier!

Who can come?

The whole community is invited! These events are designed to be accessible to players of all skill and experience levels. Tell your friends! Tell your family! Bring you clanmates! Invite that one guy from your blacklist so that you can push them into a lake during a race!


Yes! We have some wonderful prizes to hand out. Details coming soonTM

How to join:

Download TS Wait for 2021 Oct 30 20:45 ET connect to serve address rddtclans.com Go to the Community Night – Lobby channel at the top of the TS

Tanks to prepare:

Pz 1c – be ready for racing: stock gun, turret, and radio and top engine and tracks recommended but not required Any tank(s) tier III & below – used for demo demo derby, fish in a barrel, hide and seek Something fast – for long jump. Room runner may opt to ban EBRs to encourage tank variety, Pz1c will do well Something chonky – for bridge push. Some people like to try a STRV wedge too Any ARTY – for battle boats. Even tier II ARTY will do fine.

Any questions?

Leave ’em below. I’m a little tired right now, so I may have forgotten to mention something. I look forward to seeing you there!

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