Need a fun tank recommendation. Don’t know what else to pick to grind. Preferably a TD. My playstyle prefs below

I am looking for a new tank, new goal to strive towards and to have fun while doing it and then playing the obtained tank. Preferably at Tier 8-9.

My best tanks by mastery are:

Meds: Obj-430, T-34-3, TNH T Vz. 51, Škoda T 25, Char Futur 4

TDs: M8A1, Jagdtiger, Ferdinand, Jg.Pz. E100, K-91-PT, Strv S1

Heavies: T110E5, IS-3

The following tanks I can pretty easily get or have researched:

Vz. 55, IS-7, Obj 277, Obj 430U, T110E4, AMX 13 105

I feel the most alive in K-91-PT, M8A1, Obj 430, T110E5 and Škoda T 25.

Ideally I would like a fast tank that has a good DPM and can bounce shots. Is there such a TD? I feel like Obj 268/4 is close, recently I started playing with K-91-PT but the armor is not that good.. but I enjoy the damage output and speed tremendously.

My British, Italian and Swedish lines are almost entirely un-researched.

Any tips on what to play next? I wish there was some sort of recommendation engine that would recommend tanks to you by analyzing your playstyle and winrates in your tanks…

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