Need Advice/Pep talk: in a really bad win rate rut and nothing is shaking it off


I guess I just need a good pep talk. I’m in a 600+ game rut. WN8 has been steadily rising and I can consistently play at a 1300+, recent EBR grind excluded. But my recent win rate is bad. Probably the worst its ever been since crossing 50% thousands of games ago. Nothing I can do is breaking this streak. Session after session is sub 40%, to the point where in the last 600+ games I’m a full 4 percentage points below my average, and nearly 10 points below average in my last 200. Another strange statistical anamoly is my draw rate – its been as high as 8% recent, but settling around 4%, which is about twice as high as average.

Been doing all the things to mix it up: platooning has just cursed my clanmates, and we regularly go on 10 game losing streaks with me in their team. Sealclubbing at 4 and 5 has statpadded WN8 but I’m losing there too (filter to my last 7 days, its sad). Mixing up tiers, same results. Mixing tanks and classes, same.

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