Need help modifying player panel in-battle using Aslain mod pack

I remember seeing tank contour icon colorized by class on some yt video, however, I couldn’t find the right option in 1.20. Alternatively, class icon ( heavy, med etc ) by the tank model would work too.

To clarify, player panel refers to the top left (our team’s) and top right (enemy team’s) panel showing contour / player name, clan / tank model / lightbulb for detected etc.

I’ve been using TAB to check the remaining tanks ( as well as the class icons under hp bar) but it would be even better to be able to glance at the player panel and know the tank model + tank class, because I’m relatively new and don’t know all the tanks ( It seems that there’s always new tanks that I’ve never seen before in many battles lol ). Definitely an easier way to learn.

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