Need help with T26E5

Finished the referral and I picked this tank. I’m well aware that all the options are pretty bad but I dont have money for a decent tier 8 for credit grinding so I am stuck with this until a trade-in event comes.

Is it right to head for the medium flank / ridges where I can have more opportunities to hull-down especially when bottom tier? Struggling in city maps when there are no usable hull-down positions, is side-scraping even viable with this tank? Advice about playing this tank are also welcome.

Does the ammo rack break easily and are american hts prone to getting ammo racked? I have skill points for my loader and I’m choosing between safe stowage or repairs for the 2nd skill.

Also planning to do the referral again to get another tank, are all of them bad because if yes then Im just gonna get the VK 168, play it a few times and then trade it in lol. Other options are T-54 mod.1, STA-2, T92E1 btw.

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