Need some tips on how to play Vz 55

I’m just an average player (recent stats are 52% wr and 1350 wn8) and i just unlocked Vz 55, i know it’s a really good tank with a lot of potential but i’m struggling a lot with it, i have some really good games with it sometimes but i mosty have mediocre games. For some reason i had better results with the tier 9. With Vz 55 i have only 1.8k dpg and a shameful 42% wr. It’s definitely my fault and i need some advice on how play this tank. My first problem seems to be armor usage, i can’t make this armor work, i used to bounce a lot of shots with t9 turret, but with Vz55 i always get penned in the cupola, also when i try to sidescrape i usually don’t get good results. What is the best way to use its armour? How should i peak corners? The other error is probably the positions i take, if i go too much in front i get desteoyed, if i play safer i can’t get enough damage. Which positions should i take? Classic heavy positions or some medium flanking potions?

P.s. These are my stats

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