New and creative equipment builds?

So now that Equipment 2.0 has been out for a good long while, have you experimented and found sufficient success with new builds on trusty classic tanks? Something you would recommend to spice things up?

I tried running my Obj. 140 with vents, rammer and turbo in mobility slot. With the buffed armor on that thing having a top speed of 60 kp/h is pretty sweet. I run my T30 with rotation mech in firepower slot, rammer and a turbo. Helps kill some of the sluggishness of the tank and gives it a more reliable gun. I run my Tortoise with rammer, spall liner modified configuration. Helps resist HE, and gives a great boost to repair speed when you get tracked. Also prevents one fire per game so I can run it with food without getting burnt up as often. Have you guys tried anything like it you would like to share?

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