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New artillery changes are bad – posted in General Discussion: Im no fan of artillery, but most of the new mechanics are bad. The only changes I would keep are the newshell types. The shell tracers, warnings, and other doo-dads need to be flushed. If you feel the same, or different, make sure you post about it or create your own threads. WG may passthe changes regardless of our feedback, but at least make some noise so there is no mistaking what the communitywants. EDIT: Also crew 2.0, but…

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  1. All artillery changes are good they need to be implemented, At the moment its most unbalanced and game braking unit in the game. 3 artilleries in the game and its just ridiculous to play. They need to work harder for their damage and they need to be forced to replace more often. Changes are good and should be all implemented!

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