New Experimental Equipments Will Make You Play As Fewer Tanks As Possible!

lets example one tank like super conqueror that player 1 and player 2 have

player 1 is a super conqueror andy and %90 of the times he play a heavy tank it’s in super conqueror

player 2 have super conqueror aswell but he plays many different heavy tanks and overall have maybe like %5 ~ %15 play time with super conqueror when he decides to play a heavy

now player 1 dosent care about putting his experimental equipments into different heavy tanks, he wants to min max his beloved tank so he dismantle extra pieces that he dont need to collect more parts and upgrade that equipment for his tank to lvl 3

but player 2 that plays many different tank care about having that equipment on as many tanks as he can instead of on a few tanks with higher lvls

so the less tanks you play the more lvl of experimental equipments you’ll have and that basically means more advantage over players that decided to not dismantle their pieces and actually use them on different tanks!

And now imagine those top 279e players with max lvl experimental equipments..

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