New mechanics for WOT?

With this new announcement of rocket boosted made up Chinese heavies, I am finally sick of WG adding more unnecessary or ridiculous mechanics, so I’ve decided to list a few they could add that are realistic, unique, and/or already in the game.

For starters, more wheeled vehicles. Before the pitchforks come out, consider the fact that wheeled vehicles can absolutely be balanced. Plenty exist that have served in real life, where they are often less mobile than tracked vehicles. Rooikats, Radkampfwagens, Centauros, etc. TD wheeled vehicles with half decent mobility and no armor would be unique but fun to play while being balanced. (everyone hates EBR

Next, high tier autocannons. There are tanks such as the Begleitpanzer, Marders, BMPs, Bradleys, that have guns in real life that fire low caliber yet high penning rounds, and these would make incredible light tanks that would bring the concept of autocannons from low tier up to a competitive level. If you’re wondering how they could deal with tanks with half decent armor, see the next item.

Maybe a bit more controversial, but ATGMs could be added. The Sheridan is already in game, and other cold war era vehicles mentioned above could be added. ATGMs would be slow moving rounds with extreme pen (solution to hull down meta?) and around 155mm alpha damage levels. balanced by the speed of the round and likely a need to be stationary while firing, I think they would be far more balanced AND fun than hull down invulnerable heavy/TDs.

WG needs to realize that a vast majority of the playerbase doesn’t care if new vehicles are top of the meta, but only if they are fun to play. They can make just as much money selling FUN premiums (example being the Caliban) as they can selling OP meta heavies.

I would love to hear the communities thoughts on these ideas, or if there are any others you could see working in WOT. Everyone keeps saying WG is running out of ideas for tanks when in reality they just want to come up with the most ridiculous stuff to add.

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