New Player – A few questions!

Good morning fellow tankers!

I’m new to the game. I have a few questions. I played a few games of Tanks on Xbox, but I’ve decided to give this game a go on PC as the game just looks so much better.

I signed up at the weekend, along with a World of Warships account. I used a bonus code for World of Warships, which gave me a lot of goodies, but my account on World of Tanks doesn’t seem to have any so I guess its game specific only not account.

I’ve completed the tutorial and picked myself the Russian Tank. I have no idea if the tank is any good, as I played USA tanks for about 5 games on console before making the switch.

What tank line is good for a complete out and out beginner?

I see there is a recruit a friend program? How does that work?

I see I have to buy tanks with real money? Or can I unlock them over time. I guess its like Warframe and I can buy the frames but in time I can unlock them without currency?

Is the game better in a clan? If so, would a clan take a new player or would I need to invest more time into the game first?


I’m playing this alongside World of Warships and that game is amazing (only just started though). I can only hope this game is just as good. πŸ™‚


Looking forward to reading some great replies.


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