New player confusion. There’s no way of getting more than 6 spots in your garage without spending USD, right? You have to research all tanks in a tier for all nations before moving to the next tier in any nation?

I downloaded the game first time 3 days ago. I see it’s similar to modern warfare in the way of ui/menus and battle pass. This game is type confusing when it comes to the rewards/credits/experience points system. I can’t find an FAQ that doesn’t mention premium accounts and going for premium tanks.

There seems to be 2 different type of “stars” in the game.. on the very top right corner is a yellow star ⭐ like this, and it says convert when you click it. (I have no idea what that does because when i tick any tanks in the pop up and click on convert there’s a screen that pops up for buying gold coin and it tells me u need xxx more gold coin to ‘convert’). Whatever that means. What are these stars used for exactly?

Then right below that is a white star that’s hollow not filled with color, and next to it says “experience points”,i have thousands of these, but i can’t research half the tanks I’m at.. What are these for??

When it comes to researching tanks, on the Soviet tree i wanted to go down the medium, but i wasn’t able to research the BT5 before researching the T60 and then the T70, why is that? Do i have to research and buy and play every tank before moving to the next tier? Same thing with the Stuart i didn’t really wanna spend the xp and credits on it but i guess i must research it to go down the line but that’s in the middle of the line i understand that.

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