New player here, should I go for medium tanks or heavy tanks? And which line should I go for either?

I just downloaded the game today and I chose the Soviets as my first nation. I’ve played WoTb before downloading PC (I have premium tanks and two Tier IX’s on Blitz if that matters) but I don’t know much about how PC plays out. I have some questions that I wanna ask everyone

Are Medium tanks more influencial in battles than Heavy tanks or is it the other way around?

Should I go for Medium Tanks or Heavy Tanks?

If you think I should go for Mediums/Heavies, what’s the best line for me to go down? (I like tanks that are fun but let me help the team and deal damage too)

Sorry if the questions are dumb, Idk much about WoT PC aside from QuickyBaby’s video’s on it :p

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