New player, looking for a few tips

Hello, I started playing this game again. I had originally started last year in august but the game was like broken or something and I would lose 10+ games in a row or something so I quit, but I decided to give the game another try.

I am currently going down the Italian medium line, at the tier 4 tank right now. I also have the Russian mt25 light.

I’ve played over 12k games in wot blitz, and while the tanks are similar and some maps similar as well, for the most part the pc game is an entirely different beast. I also play war thunder regularly.

So on to the things I need some help with. Some of it is crew things. What tier should I grind out some skills. I’m at the tier 4 Italian and I don’t have any crew skills and I am going to really start suffering without sixth sense soon, but whenever I get my crew to 100% I’m right about to get the next tank. What tier should I stop at and get some basic skills trained onto my crew?

I also would like a premium to train my Italian crew. Seeing as though I am planning on going down the mediums, the progetto 46 would seem like a good purchase for when I get up to tier 7-8. Unfortunately it seems like I missed its sale by about a month. How often do vehicles circulate the shop? Will it even appear again in 2022?

Next up, equipment. What tier would you recommend investing in putting it on the tank? Early tiers definitely don’t need it imo but idk when it’s best to start. My best guess would be around tier 7 though.

Lastly, what other tech trees do you guys recommend playing? I’ve gone down quite a few in blitz. I went down the M48, Leopard 1, Sheridan, IS7, Grille 15, t57, object 140, and have a few others at tier 8 or 9. I’ve never really touched Swedish tanks or French tanks. Any recommendations of unique play experience would be nice.

Thank you for any info you provide and also why does this text start getting so laggy the more I type on mobile wtf

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