New player. So far, my experience is dreadful.

Just wanted to give my two cents. I’ve just unlocked a T5 tank after maybe 20 games. Idk if I’ll keep playing for long, but I like the dopamine rush some games give me… Anyway.

The bots are atrocious. Every game I play has only 1/2 players per team. Sure, I’m trash tier at the game, but I know that having a bot blocking my way back and using my paper thin Type 97 as cover can’t be right. They’re also complete dumbasses and would rather circle around and chase butterflies than shoot at the bad guys.

The enemy player(s) absolutely wreck me. It’s like they know bots are bumbling harmless idiots and rush me down with whatever two shot guns to happily grind for exp on the bots afterwards. Oh and players in my own team? No communication whatsoever. Nice teamwork.

The garage is a mess! There’s so many menus, submenus, popups, notifications and so on that it’s giving me a headache just trying to find what I have to do for my objectives. Bootcamp? Missions? Campaigns? Topographies? Collector’s tanks? XP fever? Carnival whatever? Crew skills? Directives? Bonds? Experimental equipment? Why do I have to spend money to move my optics I got for free to my next tank? Screw all of that. It’s overwhelming to get access to so much informations all at once when I can’t even tell you what button I have to press to repair my tracks.

Wouldn’t even call that a learning curve, more like a patience/confusion curve. Jeez.

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