New steel hunter changes

Not gonna lie, the new steel hunter changes kinda slap for the most part. Massively lowered cooldowns on self-heals (I don’t remember the self-heal being on a 15 fucking second cooldown in SH reborn, but I do remember it was lower) and abilities as well as reducing cooldowns of abilities when you pick up red drops makes the fights more comebackable and less frustrating imo, since now you also get increased ability drop chance from yellow drops and bots. Lastly, i love that you can now see what upgrade tier the enemies are and that we have a timer of when yellow zones will close and when blue drops will land

However there are two things that i don’t like. Firstly, WHY THE FUCK WAS THE HURAGAN BUFFED, like that thing is imo more broken that a Raven, and they for some reason still buffed it. Second thing i didn’t like is how you can’t chose where do you want to respawn when you die during the first 5 mins of the battle (which was a complaint i had in SH reborn), like chosing where to respawn is in other BR games, why can’t SH have it.

But anyway, what do you guys think about the changes?

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