New to pc version

I have been playing the console version on and off for the last 10 years or so… im just now starting to fully commit myself to pc and leave behind my console accounts. I know nothing about the crew trainings and equipment as the systems seem pretty different from my first look over everything. If anyone could help as to give me some insight with all the new things being shoved in my face I would really appreciate it.

I also have no shame in saying I did the WoT us for the double barreled tank as ive never had access to one and I honestly just wanted to use it cause 2 barrels make my brain happy. Any recommendations to which texh tree i should do first? I mostly want to get into using mediums since the last couple months ive been stuck to heavys and td’s following the british, swedish, and german heavy lines, as well as the german and british td lines. I was a little interested in the Japanese medium line but id love some recommendations!

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