new to the game mechanics question

Playing on xbox if thats relevant. So far the highest that I’ve gotten a tank is tier 7, my last match though I had something strange happen that I was wondering if I’m just misunderstanding. I was playing my E8 and I have full camo and my commander has the Sixth Sense skill.

I was moving around behind the enemy base and had spotted the artillery however I had not been spotted yet. Suddenly I’m being fired on by the two tank destroyers that are still left in play and yet I still hadn’t been spotted as Sixth Sense hadn’t gone off. It couldn’t have been a case of them just blind firing me because I was moving in random directions and their shots were accurately following me.

Were they cheating or am I just misunderstanding how that mechanic works?

Edit: additionally neither one of them were visible to me while I was being fired on

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