Newbies who get frustrated at the beginning, you may want to see this.

Newbies who get frustrated at the beginning, you may want to see this.

Hi, I’m making this post cause I’m a noob that’s starting to feel I’m getting better, so I wanted to write about some of the mistakes I made and how to correct / avoid them, If I can help even one other player, It would be worth it.

Oh, and if you want, you can play a drinking game, take a shot every time you read the word “Beginner” or “Beginning”


I, as many others, tried the game a few years ago, and I liked it, but I also found it very frustrating, I got insta deleted every time and I couldn’t land a penetrating hit, now I’ve decided to try again cause I like the fucking tanks, and at the beginning (drink) of this second try I was still getting fucked, not gonna lie, but I watched some videos, and now I’m having games like this one

20 shots fired, 8 misses, but all 12 hits were penetrations, 4 kills, 1386 base exp, blocked a few shots, and survived.

That is a rental premium T-34-85M, I got 10 days to use it, and it’s a Tier 6, when I got it handed to me, I was nowhere near ready to play tier 6, but I’m getting the hang of it.

Don’t get me wrong tho, this isn’t my average game, I still have lot’s of stuff to learn, but if you started like me and didn’t understand anything, do what I did.


Watch these 2 videos about Armor Penetration and how to block damage

Basically, learn about weak spots and how to angle your vehicle, AND don’t make the same mistake as me, I completely disregarded the importance of the crew when I started, having a trained crew is super key. Look for tutorials on that, what skills you should train first and why it’s better to retrain your crew to the next tank you unlock instead of buying a new crew.

This should get you rolling in no time, you’ll still fuck up because of bad positioning and lack of map knowledge, but that will come with time and experience, for a complete beginner, I think the very first thing you need to do is what I’ve said previously, Learn about the basic mechanics of the game, Penetration, Blocking and Crew.


If you have a friend that introduced you to the game, don’t forget to use the referal program, you’ll get a lot of extra exp and credits. If you already have an account (and you probably will if you’re reading this) don’t forget that if you still have less than 200 battles, you can still join the referal program, and if you happen to have more than 200, maybe you should consider making a new account and starting again with the referal program AND an invite code, look for them on the internet, you’ll start with some premium days and a premium tank, that’s really convenient to train your crew (remember to check the accelerate crew training thing or you’ll wate the tank exp)

I wanted to play heavy tanks, so I started with a free Churchill III and some premium time, now I have a pretty decent crew and I just unlocked my first tier 6 tank, apart from the one you get for completing the tutorial missions. Choose the code you like the most, but don’t get fooled by the ones that give a tier 3 or lower vehicle, tier 3 and lower has nothing to do with how the game plays at tier 4 and higher, and there’s a lot of missions that ask you to play with a tier 4 or higher tank.

And about the tutorial missions, yeah, you can unlock any researchable tier 6 tank with those missions, and they are pretty easy, I think all of them are vs bots, but when you get that tier 6 tank, just remember that you shoul learn the basics at tier 4 first.


If you are not going to spend on the game, you’ll probably just have 1 at the beginning (from the invite code) and you will get some in the future, from events and stuff.

They are not just a better tank because you pay money for it, in fact, most of them are just like the other tanks, some are better, and some are even worse than normal tanks.

The thing with premiums is that they have bonuses to XP and credits, you can use them to easily farm credits and train your crews for a designated class. DON’T FORGET TO TICK THE “Accelerate Crew Training” CHECKBOX

And if you are willing to spend some money, I haven’t got there yet, but some people gave me the following advice:

Don’t bother with lower tier premium tanks, maybe if you just want to spend like 15€ or so, buy a good tier 6 like the t-34-85M, but really, you should play the game for a while before thinking about that, and then, if you are still willing to spend, maybe it’s better for you to buy prime time instead of a premium tank at the beginning, and then when you get better at the game, and you’re ready for higher tiers, and want to commit to the game, buy a tier 7 or 8, preferably a tier 8, cause the higher the tier, the more credits you’ll get.

And you don’t need to re-train a crew to get them into the premium tank (you’ll have to re-train them to get them out of the tank, if you put them on a different tank from the one you took them) for example, You are playing with KV-1, and put that crew into the Churchill III, you don’t need to retrain them, and then you can return the crew to the KV-1 ezpz, but if instead you want to put that same crew from the Churchill back into something that’s not the KV-1 you’ll have to retrain them, this is to prevent you from cheesing the game.

Also, you don’t have to retrain the crew you put into a premium IF the crew is trained for that class, I mean, If I’m using a T-34 and I want to put them into the churchill, I will have to retrain them, cause they were from a medium tank, and the churchill is a heavy tank.

So yeah, that sucks a little but, you can’t train all your crews for your heavies, mediums, lights, TDs and Arty on the same premium, so when you choose your invite code, think what’s the class you think you’ll enjoy the most.

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