Newby questions

Hello friends! I made my account on EU server a few days ago, and I “learned” most of the game mechanics from yt vids, but I still have a few questions and I would rather just ask them here.

– I saw there is a referral system, and my question is: enough if I just get a code from someone and play the game, or we have to play in platoon? The game’s website says “working together” but it’s vague. I cannot even shoot straight so I would rather not ruin someone’s enjoyment as a deadweight.

– I started with Japanese medium tanks, I am at tier 5, but these tanks seemingly cannot shoot straight, compared to my British tanks for example. I understand they need better crew and stuff, but my question: will they become more accurate in higher tiers compared to others or should I just go for another tanks if I want to hit something?

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