No Martian Box or Recon notification boxes or loot boxes showing

Anyone else have this issue? My garage does not display any links to buy loot boxes, nor does it show the ads for Recon Mode or Martian Containers. I recently bought 50 martian boxes, plus earned some free ones in the event, but I cannot find anywhere to access my boxes.

Customer service claims they are in my Depot, but I have looked and looked and have found no section for “Loot Boxes” or anything similar. If anyone else has had this issue, could you tell me exactly where to look? Another account my PC, same game installation, does not have this problem.

So far, I have tried wiping my appdata, as well as changing screen resolutions per customer service, to no avail. I also ran a file verification. The only different thing I can think of between accounts, is that this account has no default payment method or phone number associated with it. That has never prevented me buying premium tanks or winter boxes in the past, though.

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