Noob questions

I played a lot of console, so how well does the knowledge transfer over? (anyone that’s played both a decent amount t8+)

I mainly used heavies or TDs that have armor. Is-7, is-4, super long, and the American line tanks because… πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Is t10 viable in WoT? I only played t10 on WoT console because they had the modern version of WoT with abrams, challengers, etc and it would give you an increased payout of silver compared to the classic mode.

Lastly, any good references I should know about or general game rules that you may think apply to WoT PC exclusively, that I may have not known before?

Appreciate it!

Edit: By general game rules, I mean the unspoken rules. Little things that may impact other people’s experiences negatively, that you may accidentally be doing as a computer noob.

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