Not a Rant, A Solution

There is an obvious problem in World of Tabks. No this is not a rant. This is not like every other arty post. I am offering a solution the problem that plagues WoT. 3 artillery battles.

Solution: make arty missions OPTIONAL. Do not remove them. There should still be some sort of incentive to play them. Do not nerf artillery. They are vital to the game. Making arty missions optional would drastically reduce the amount of people playing artillery. With this in mind, you can also change arty cap in battle. It might even be possible to reduce it to one arty maximum per battle. A bonus to all of this is a much happier player base. Arty players can stay happy. And non-arty players can become happy again.

If this does not solve it, I would like to hear other suggestions as to how to fix this problem.

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