Not giving the Free To play Tankers a Bounty equipment–> is EVIL

Let me explain you might Count me as a “Free to play” player But that is not completely True at early days i paid Money to Buy a Few premium tanks (Type64.T34-85M.Panzer58. SU-100Y.panzerT25. and 2more) that’s may not be a lot of money But that is also not correct because i Bought BF1 on sale for 30 Dollars and played it for 3 years and i paid Wargaming for Premium tanks to enhance my experience

i’m Not saying i am entitled to anything in this game for free and Free to play Doesn’t mean it isn’t Pay to play (Not Pay2win) this game is certainly “Pay to play” and that’s How Wargaming make a income! of course!

like how me and many other players even if they are “Free to play” have to pay for some Gold “time to time” because for example makes Crew transfer Less Painful or converting some XP to free XP is Crucial sometimes

there is really not enough true “free to play” players in this game because you make no Profit in Top tier and getting to Tier 10 Free2play is Very painful and always results in terrible Winrate and WN8

again I’m Not saying wargaming giving anything For free to players But one “Bounty Equipment” won’t Make Much difference either when you are Forced to Use 3.000.000 Credit to upgrade it !!

the “Bounty equipment” requires 3 million silver just to unlock the Bonus and still is less effective than “Bond equipment”

Like : Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat ??? and i Don’t Understand really why they removed it for “free2play’ players

But i have other examples of Wargaming Being legitimately Evil lately but this is getting Long

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