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I have a question. I came back to the game, I’m not nearly as good as I was in the past lol. I’m not interested in grinding now because of time. In the passed I’d say I was slightly above average, not so much now.

I’m looking for a premium tank or two. Ive seen all the tier lists, but I want to know what would be better for a player that’s probably not going to carry the games.

I really like tanks that have good armor over a good gun if that has to be the trade off.I know that makes me the minority. In any game I like to eat damage and hold the line vs being the damage dealer.

Obviously a good player will pen me no matter what. it is what it is. But what are some premiums that may have some good bouncy armor. I really enjoyed the play style of the t29 playing hull down with the good gun depression while I was on my way to getting the t10 tank.

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