OBJ 260. campaign advice.

I’ve come to the end of my journey to the OBJ 260 but I have three missions left one of which I need some help on.

SPG-15 for the T-55A: I’m currently trying to use my M40/M43 (The tier VIII American arty) and idk if I should move up or not. I know at tier 9 there is more damage to be had but it also seems like it will be harder to get top on experience (yes i’m doing it with honors to retrieve my orders). So for people who have done this mission, is it easier to do with my tier 8 or get the tier 9?

The only thing really keeping me from moving up is using that low alpha gun again, I didn’t like it on the M40/M43 so I don’t think ill like it on the tier 9.

LT-15 for the OBJ 260: This mission is basically just “Have a good game” right? I’ve gotten almost 7K combined in a game not long ago so this seems extremely doable.

TD-15 for the T55-A: I don’t need help with this but its the other mission I’m on, I honestly don’t know how I haven’t done it yet, I’m trying to do it with my STRV 103B.

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