Obj 260 Help – War Gods

Hey y’all, need some help on how I should approach the Obj 260 missions:

So in my younger days, I was jealous of my friends t-55a and so I used all 12 of my orders on LT, HT, and Arty 15 to get the tank. Now I’m revisiting these missions and trying to figure out how I can fix this mess. I’m pretty confident I can complete LT and HT 15 to retrieve 10 of my orders, given a couple weeks. I’m debating how I should approach the artillery mission now after the changes. Should I:

1) Attempt to retrieve my last 5 orders by completing SPG15 for the t55a, which adds the extra difficulty of doing 2700 plus winning (which afaik winning while also being top of the team is almost impossible to do nowadays)


2) Save my insanity and just skip revisiting the t55a mission and go through the 260 SPG missions. I’m fairly confident I can just do the 260 War Gods in a loss.

Currently running M53/55 with rammer, vents, and gld with food and bia.

TLDR: Do I need all 15 orders to get the 260? Is there some sort of best practice guide for which 260 missions to skip with orders? Would love some additional help there as well.

Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers

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