Obj 279 (e) and T95 FV2401 simply are ruining the Public tier 10 games.

Why are we nerfing all kinds of tanks but these tanks get a complete free-pass?

It doesn’t make sense to have good mobility, extremely good armor overall and a very decent gun. Congratulations you achieved the impossible and completed all missions, here’s a tank that outguns everyone. The counterparts from the tech-tree all have obvious dissabilities. You’re basically deciding the game in the first second already Wargaming. You could’ve decided to give more unique vehicles. It doesn’t make sense to give out tier 11 vehicles. We all know that gold is being fired anyways.

If you bring up that they’re are easy to counter you definitely are mistaken that the playerbase in general isn’t good at all. Getting steamrolled cause half the team is shit and doesn’t know what to do against tier 11 makes it bad for literally everyone involved. I keep having very short games as soon as these vehicles are involved and they’re always in the top.

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