Hey guys. I’ve been playing for a year or two and I have 9k battles with 1600 wn8. I am an average player who enjoys mediums. 140 was my second tx tank in which I underperformed for 2 years. I have 458 battles with it and 48%win rate, alongside with 1680 wn8. I also tried to maximize the stats by buying bond rammer and vents for it. Long story short, I just can’t seem to make that tank work. Im either to passive and get 1k-2k dmg or to aggressive which results in even worse games. Also, the armor doesn’t seem to work, whenever opponents spams gold your turret becomes quite weak( I understand it’s part of the game and im not complaining about gold). I just don’t want bond equipments to go to waste and would love to make that tank work. Moreover, i have watched many tank review videos and tried to implement those players’ styles but it did not help. I know this whole post sound weird and everyone has their own unique style, regardless I am here to ask some tips. I have 2 average damage with 140( I know it is embarrassing). However, when it comes to 430U,progetto65,Stb I get decent results and the main problem for me with 140 is putting way to much effort/shots and at the end having 3k dmg. I ask you guys for an advice and hope you won’t grill me for the stats and my incompetence.

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