Object 260 Advice

I’m currently on the “home stretch” of getting the object 260. I need to get one more order (maybe). I have 11 orders and I’ve finished the HT 15 and MT15 without Honors for the object 260. I have already committed 4 orders to SPG 15 for the T55A and I don’t plan on getting those back. Currently, I believe my options are to try and complete HT 15 or MT 15 with honors to get one more order so I can skip SPG, LT and TD for the 260. My second thought would be to try and finish all the LT missions for 260 without honors so I only have to skip SPGs and TDs. I have Tier 10 tanks suitable for both these options, but I only have the T100 LT and Ebr 75 for LTs

I’m looking for some guidance based on my current situation. Thanks

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