Object 268 v5 for “only” 157500 FXP … I smell a trap

Considering that Tier 10 ships in World of Warships go for 2 million FXP, and considering it will take approximately 850000 FXP to unlock a tech tree tank line from tier 1 to tier 10 a starting bid of 155000 FXP (157500 while I type this) is ridiculously low.

Am I a cynic for thinking that WG made it deliberately so low that as many players as possible rush and convert their accumulated XP into Free XP for gold … only to find they wasted 10s of thousands of gold when the “competitive” offer has risen way out of their grasp by tomorrow ? 🙂

Tip: Before you convert FXP undiscounted (1:25) wait a bit longer so you can see if your maximum FXP would even be competitive.

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