Object 274a – What equipment?


I’m more or less a new player and I have this beauty: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/tankopedia/32257-R180_Object_274_A/

I absolutely love it, usually I got that medal for being better than 60% of the players play this tank. The more I play with it I have higher and higher damage and scout damage. My idea was to maximize this tank camo, so all my crew has camouflage skill, and I use camouflage net and low noise exhaustion equipment with improved ventillation. In the beginning of the battle I just sit/camp middle/back depending on map and snipe from a safe distance without being seen, then I move forward in halftime. The gun is a little funny sometimes so I usually have the be closer than a real sniper tank. The tank’s camo is great, yesterday a tank was directly in front of me, and couldnt see me even when I shot.

I would like to ask your opinion about this setup and I also would like to ask if the camouflage net and low noise exhaustion could work together right? I mean their bonuses are in effect together? The improved ventillation also buff my crew skill camouflage, right?

Thank you!

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