Object 277, IS-7 or Object 705A?

Hi tankers. Ive been thinking, which one of these tier 10 tanks is considered the best. Im currently at IS on the line, and I dont really know what to go for. Ive read a lot about all these 3 and theres always something better and worse in each of them. So would you please help me out.

Im kinda new to the game, (120hrs) and for newbies they usually recommend the IS-7, it has alright mobility, very good armor, but the gun is crap without gold ammo. Object 705A interests me the most, because of the nice alpha dmg and armor. Object 277 just sounds overall nice, but what ive heard, its very unfriendly for newbies.

Tell me your opinions, would you please 🙂

Have a nice day

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