OK, a question about the CDC

It is an idle thought, since I do not possess this tank any more, but I never understood how it was balanced by WG, and perhaps someone here could enlighten me. (Been bothering me for years now.)

Big, paper armored, fast tank. Yet it has a horrible gun handling. It would make sense if you could just pop up, slap someone for some damage and pop back in, but with the gun handling it has you kind of have to be fully aimed in -which means redline sniping, really (in my books). I am sure a few people can brawl with it, but most mortal souls can’t. So it should be like the Leopard 1. And instead it is like the body of a Leopard with the gun handling of a KV-2 (with a little exaggeration).

Did I miss something about this tank?

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