ok, how do i stop from being spotted 24/7?

I wrote this post 3 times and I kept deleting it before posting, but yeah I really need some help from the more skilled and knowledgeable on this

Spotting is just too inconsistent and infuriating. I play the AMX 50 100 (T8 Heavy Support Tank), does a ton of damage but literally has ZERO armor and WILL totally die in 2 or 3 shots if i’m lucky. It really isn’t rare for my T8 to get spotted in a bush of my spawn after 10 seconds of map start and instantly loose -1300 in 2 shots (my tank has 1400 hp)

The issue with that tank is that it gets spotted, A LOT. Like, all the fucking time, everywhere, by anybody. There are even times where i haven’t moved at all, haven’t shot once, i’m still in my spawn’s bush, and i’m the only tank from both teams in the ENTIRE MAP that got spotted and I instantly get shot.

It doesn’t matter where I am, how I am, did i used my gun or not, if i’m in a bush or not. This tank (which si fully customised and with trained crew) does nothing but getting spotted. Sometimes I get 5K damage and do a monster game where I wreck everybody. Sometimes I die in the first 15 seconds of a match because I get spotted from across the country by tanks I cannot even see.

Please, I need help on how to stop being spotted. I really tried to make logical assumptions of how the spotting mechanics work based on experience and reddit posts i saw, but it doesn’t add up to anything and the system keeps contradicting itself

PS : Why sometimes I get shot BEFORE being spotted? Is it a bug or a feature?

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