OMW to BC 25t, should I skip tier 9 BC 25t AP?

I’ve been grinding down the French LT line with the fast track to AMX 13 105, and decided to branch off to the bat chat medium line as well. Some of my clanmates are recommending me to completely skip tier 9 BC 25t AP with free xp. But I wanted to get some insights from reddit before I make any decision.

Usually I do prefer to just grind out any vehicle from a complete stock setting to a full research without spending any free xp. But as of right now, I am shunning away from this option after noticing that BC 25t AP has the worst statisitcs among any tier 9 medium tanks. Currently I do have enough free xp to research all the top modules on the tank, but not enough to fully skip the vehicle.

Help me with my dilemma. If BC 25t AP is really that garbage of a tank, I am willing to put in some gold to completely skip this tank. On the other hand, if the fully researched version of the vehicle is half decent and workable, I am willing to spend the remainder of my free xp to just upgrade the modules and grind the rest of the xp on a fully upgraded version. Or if anyone is willing to convince me to drive the stock version, I am listening.

Any thoughts?

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