One year in: questions about bonds, bond equipment, French tanks and premium tanks

For context, I’m playing on an old account for almost a year (started last August) and I think I’m a decent enough player. WR on my favourite tanks is around 50-52%. I think I’m doing moderately fine skill-wise. For my perspective on the game – I thougth about playing Onslaught more competetively, but the whole mess that WG does with tank balance (short buff-and-debuff of AMX) or skill bs (complete rework then backing away) totally killed my trust in that company and I decided that I don’t care that much about T10s (got S.Conq and 60TP on bond eq + CS-63 and I think that’s enough). So, that means I’m not that much into T10 and putting bond eq on T10 anymore. I’d like to prioritize fun on premium tanks.

Now, getting that out of the way, I have questions to more experienced players. I decided to pull my resources together and allocate my 0-skill-crews into my most enjoyable tanks in order: small-crew-tanks > medium tanks > light tanks > heavy tanks / TDs. Now, it’s time for bounty/bond equipment. I’ve seen several people here arguing whether it’s the best use of bonds and some saying that it’s effects are negligent. I wanted to beef up my favourite premium tanks, but I tried putting upgraded bounty equipment on some of those (like BZ-176 or Skoda T56) and franky, I don’t see much difference. For sure, Borat needs it, but Borat is Borat. Hence, I would like to ask you advice which tanks should I prioritize and what to put there. Some tanks I’ve already equipped with experimentals (like Lowe), so I’ll omit those parts of EQ as I’ve put the ones I’ve had to use.

Favourite: Iron Arnie (got bounty), Bisonte, LIS, ELC, Chieftain P. (got bounty stab), 50 TP (bounty stab), EMIL 1954

Strong but less liked: Skoda T56, BZ-176, SU-130PM, Vipera, Lansen, KPZ 07, 703

I have a lot of others, but I don’t remember all of them. I used to think I’d get the most OP ones and put the best crews and EQ on them, but I discovered that Skoda is way too OP for me to enjoy and I’ve got much more fun with tanks that are quite challenging like Iron Arnie – strong, but with balancing weaknesses.

I assume that trash-tier vehicles like Chief/T95 won’t be saved by anything, lol. People say that some tanks need bond EQ, some may be broken by bond EQ and as I’ve said, I tried putting upg. bounty on Skoda and BZ and didn’t see much difference. What should I do? Augument strength or cover for weakness? I’m thinking the latter is much more noticeable.

Second question: I like Bitcoin 12t a lot and I like those french lights. Will Lorr 40t offer similar experience? I’ve got Somua and I’m having trouble deciding if Lorr 40t is worth the bonds. I’m looking for fun mostly plus I’d like to earn credits and use french crew from Borat. Borat is gold-heavy and I’m constantly in need of credits so I’m interested by the prospect of sharing one crew between Borat – Car Futur – Lorr 40t. What do you think? Somua’s gun is meme-tier RNG, but maybe Lorr is capable of hit-and-run tactics like with Borat?

Third question: is AMX t10 French HT still worth grinding? I’ve seen some skill4ltu vid where he claimed that stat-wise it’s worse than it were before the buff. Those tanks certainly disappeared from the MM compared to post-buff phase.

Thanks a lot for help! Love ya!

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