Only mostly stupid Radio Range rework idea

Okay, so hear me out; what if tanks were given infinite radio range (because when does it ever matter, except below tier 4), and instead the radio range actually controlled your render range. Base would be the 445 max view range, but upgrades to extend your radio range actually let you snipe at even further targets. Shouldn’t really affect gameplay too much since it’s uncommon for most tanks to snipe at that range, but snipers would actually have a new stat to put effort into.
Hell, the max could be something like 1k meters away; good luck to anyone actually trying to hit at that range.

Maybe there would be some performance implications; but the game seems fine on maps like mines, so I really don’t think there’d be a huge issue with seeing all 30 players more often.
Frontlines might get pretty rough at times, though.

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