Onslaughs Ranking System: A Discussion

Wanted to get a few of my thoughts out on this matter & see what folks think. I think it’s important for us to talk about this so that WG can collect feedback.

I’ve been playing WoT for many, many years. Started off back when the E100 just came out on my RU account. No stranger to gaming overall either, played my share of competitive games with ranking systems (CS, Apex etc.). However, by far, WoT’s take on ranked point system makes zero sense to me.

If you did 6k damage on the losing team, you will lose a certain amount of points. Meanwhile, a person whom got carried and did 500 damage on the winning team gains points. Personal performance only influences the exact amount of points lost/gained – yet the more important thing – the actual loss/gain of points – is largely out of your control.

In the old days of the Chevron system, this was largely better. You could still move up in ranking even if you lost, so long as you did well. In the current iteration, WG punishes you for things that are out of your control. I cannot stop my 3 teammates all playing Fochs from yoloing down mid and getting disassembled.

Therefore, I believe it would be much better if the top damage dealer on the losing team gains points even if his team loses. Have the amount of points gained be the amount of points the bottom damage dealer on the winning team got. #2 and #3 on losing team should keep all their points and not lose/gain anything. Anyone below that should rightfully lose points.

I believe this will allow for personal skill to be represented much better. I know WG is really into team-play, but let’s be honest, 95% of people couldn’t care less for their team nowadays, so it’s unfair to encourage teamplay, especially when the average player is just so bad.

TL;DR: A ranking system exists (or should exist) to provide an accurate representation of your performance. As of right now, personal performance is not being evaluated properly. A pretty easy fix would be to allow the top damage dealer to gain points from a loss, and allow #2 and #3 to keep their points in case of a loss.

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