onslaught has to change

I’m so tired of this game mode. Played a ton of games, it’s like pushing a boulder up a mountain, still within 100 points of where I started weeks ago.

So tired of doing 6000, 7000, etc damage (not farming from the back, stuck in at the front) and still losing because

2-3 teammates decided to go the long way around the map. Not the long way around the fight, the long way around the entire fucking map. The rest of the team gets slaughtered and then the idiots who went around get slaughtered like 2 minutes later. People throw away their tank immediately through stupidity/mistakes/etc. People can’t play arta anymore so they throw by picking lights, paper TDs, etc People trying to take over parts of the map that aren’t near the flag and then the enemy team caps and they don’t move towards the flag. They’re like “this is a great camping spot, all I need is for the enemy to drive across the map to this useless location that is in front of my guns.”

Can we go back to making it like ranked? Ranked was at least over faster than this.

periodic rank locks top losers gain points, only bottom losers lose points, bottom winners get less, top winners gain more everything else about the mode is fine

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